Research & High Potential Programs

Versatile technology

Since the beginning of its existence, the Techniker Cercle has been using the net profits of the ball for industry and technology research projects and stipends at the TU Vienna.

The sponsored research projects offer a fascinating perspective of the versatility of research and scientific activity at the TU Vienna.

Starting now, the new website provides a comprehensive and current overview of the sponsored projects.

And it shows once more the important social role of the TC in the support of the education and research activity at the TU Vienna.

Qualified training and education

Over the last 8 years, 450 students have benefited from the opportunities offered by the high potential program TUtheTOP to expand their professional qualifications beyond their finished university education.

To achieve key qualifications, the TU Vienna offers its students an extensive, interdisciplinary distribution and development program. Personal contact with attractive employers in technology and the sciences is also provided. This gives students a look behind the scenes of prestigious Austrian companies and thus gather valuable experience for the professional future.

TUW doctoral college
The Technical University of Vienna with its annually structured doctoral college (three years runtime) offers an important contribution to the university's excellence initiative.

A significant aspect of this is to increase the share of women in doctorate training. The college offers students a close connection to internationally qualified top-level research, organised, intensive support and cross-disciplinary training.

Soft skills like the ability to work in a team are trained in the same way, as the students are integrated in the university's scientific operations and in national and international research networks. Necessary additional qualifications (project management, communication technologies, leadership qualifications,…) are also firm components of the training program.

Both additional training programs are co-financed using the net profits of the Ball of Industry and Technology.